We are converting a part of Arrowhead Stables into a large event center.  This large project will completed in four stages. 

The first stage is under way with the main barn conversion in progress.  Beautiful picturesque windows with a view to the large garden.  Rustic crystal Chandeliers to give off a warm and elegant glow.   The small garden is perfect for small ceremonies or events.  It has a fountain with a stone path leading to an old barn wood gate.   This area is perfect for pictures next to the fountain or gate.  

The second stage is the brides' room, kitchen and office area; The brides' room has lighting (designed by our favorite makeup artist), comfortable couches and chairs, mirrors and an area large enough to hold all of your bridesmaids.  The kitchen has a refrigerator, microwave, and Stainless Steel sinks and  tables for a food holding area.  The office area is under constructions.

Started and in progress is the Large garden in it's first stage of completion, with a circular lawn around  our unique tree center piece.  Our stone fire pit with a large arch and stone paths are complete. We will have built in benches, flower gardens, a pond and flowering trees.  The garden will be continually in progress as the season progresses and plants grow.

The third stage  is our beautiful bathrooms for all your guests 

Finally the fourth stage is our  groomsman room, which is a fun rustic room with plenty of seating and a foosball table.

All stages are completed except for our office and the large garden which is under way and will continue to grow,  

Please follow us on our Facebook site, (The Gala Hideaway) to see the project under way.  We will add pictures as projects are started and finished.  It will be fun for all to see where we came from and where we are headed. 

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